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September 7, 2002
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Sarah McLachlan CD Icons XP by splat Sarah McLachlan CD Icons XP by splat
Updated: 7/26/2004

The first installment of my CD Icons XP icon series. This set features all 10 full albums by Sarah McLachlan.

This series of icons is based on a few icons I found about a year ago in Mac format that I converted to .bmp and used as a model for my CD Icons XP series. I have not been able to find the original author since I can't remember the web site I found the icons at. If you know, please note me so I can mention that person.

The CD Icons XP series template took me many months to complete, and countless hours to get the final product. I did a ton of tweaking here and there to get this look.

This icon set took about 2 hours and was created in Photoshop using IconBuilder XP 1.1 by IconFactory, an excellent piece of software for icon creation. Microangelo 5.5 was used to create the icon library file and the screenshot.

Each icon includes 48x48, 32x32, and 16x16 pixel formats, and XP transparency has been added for a smooth effect for all Windows XP users.

The .zip includes:
Readme file
JPG screenshot
ICL file (Icon Library)
All individual .ico files
All icons in .png format, 32x32 and 48x48

If you have a specific artist or category you'd like to see made into a CD Icons XP set, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Hope you enjoy it.

Note: For desktop use only. Not for commercial use.
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The Download doesn't work!
I really like the idea for these, theyre quite amazing.

And i too am one of those that keeps it to the < 48px icons, any bigger and i find my desktop is way too cluttered, even on 1280x1024 :)

Keep up the work!
They look quite spanking.

Personally, I don't think I've ever found a need to go any higher then 48x48 for my desktop. Maybe I'm just one of those weirdos who likes to keep things small. And I don't "get" people who like big icons ..



Like I was saying: they look good. Very crispy and a sweet presentation for 'em as well (.zip / screenshot / etc.).


(Metallica next? .. ;))
If you didnt make the original icon, then you shouldnt release this, and icons should always go up to at least 128x128 nowadays
splat Jul 27, 2004  Professional Interface Designer
:pointr: If you didnt make the original icon, then you shouldnt release this

I realize that I mentioned these icons are based on a set I found some time ago available only in MacOS format, but this doesn't mean I shouldn't release this set or others like it. The original "CD icons" (which weren't named that at all) were only available in 32x32 and were quite bland. I based my CD Icons XP sets off of this set, it was not simply me copying the original. I've spent countless hours perfecting the concept of the CD icons, and many more creating new ones.

:pointr: and icons should always go up to at least 128x128 nowadays

They don't always go up to at least 128x128, but it is a common occurance for OS icon sets. This, however, is not a replacement set for your Windows XP icons, and I didn't feel that the 128x128 size was necessarily needed. I may at some point go back and create larger sizes, but I don't see these being used on the desktop as much as icons for album-specific folders in music collections. I could be wrong though.
Very nice work indeed!!!!! I notice surfacing right away... the only one I own..... Great job making them look very totally realistic. :) :)

GREAT JOB.... Sorry I'm too tired to write a longer critique,,, Its very well done indeed!!
mattdanna Jul 26, 2004  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Excellent work! I'd love to see a Dave Matthews Band series made. :)
splat Jul 27, 2004  Professional Interface Designer
:pointr: I'd love to see a Dave Matthews Band series made.

Funny you should mention that, because I created these icons quite a while back and my second set was the Dave Matthews Band CD Icons XP set.

I'll be slowly updating all my previous sets (7 I think) with any recent album additions as well as add PNGs to the .zip file for those people who don't have Windows. It took me quite a while to do this yesterday, as I hadn't created these icons in a while and it's a bit of a process. But now that I remember how to do it and I have some Photoshop actions to help me out, I should be able to pull new sets together fairly quickly.

I'll have to let you know when I update the next set I suppose. =)
mattdanna Jul 27, 2004  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Excellent. Thanks! :)
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