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greenprobe Website Design by splat greenprobe Website Design by splat
This was my design idea for $jark's contest to redesign his personal blog, green[alien]probe. More details on the contest can be found in his journal entry.

Though this is late and the finalists have already been chosen, I wanted to get this submitted since I spent so much time on it. I just wish I had more free time so I could've finished it before the conclusion of the contest.

Since this is truly a blog website, I based this new design off of a few other blog sites I frequent, along with the few $jark had mentioned in his journal. I went for bright contrast between the yellow and the green (after all, the yellow alien and green probe should be properly represented), but tried to keep the layout fairly simple. You'll notice the nice big butt in the upper left along with the yellow alien and his green probe. This is similar to $jark's avatar, the jark 0wns you one.

Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this since it probably won't get used. Give me the good, the bad, or whatever else you've got. I'm listening.

Update: 10/11/2004
Last update, I think.

Yes, this design is very similar to JustWatchTheSky. No, it isn't a copy. No, the code wasn't stolen. Yes, this design is very different from JWTS in many ways.

I've been catching a lot of slack on this topic. While I agree this design is heavily inspired by JWTS, it is in fact very different. $jark is also aware of the similarities and doesn't think it's a problem. There are many sites that use the same basic concept as JWTS from which I also gathered inspiration.

Lastly, I'm proud to announce this design won the green[alien]probe design contest held by the one and only $jark. Thanks so much for all of your support!

Update: 10/8/2004
This is my (hopefully) final edit of this piece. Due to some feedback in $ jark's direction about the somewhat explicit nature of the probing of the buttocks in the header, I was moved to change it to something else. Mount Fuji , a monument of Japan, is now the focus of the yellow alien's green probe. I preferred the anal probing myself (don't take that the wrong way), but rather than offend some people, it's been changed.

Update: 10/7/2004
After talking to $jark briefly, I began marking this layout up in XHTML/CSS. This process took a heck of a lot longer than I had expected. After all the layout issues and the problems with IE, I think I spent over 30 hours on this project, from concept to finalized design.

There are a few changes here. The text navigation is now part of the tab navigation, and the rollovers work in IE and Mozilla/Netscape/etc., which is tougher than you would think (CSS positioning is not easy). The font size switcher works wonderfully, using a bit of Javascript and 3 separate stylesheets for font sizes. Some new icons made their way into the design as well.

The final "live" version is now available for your viewing pleasure at:

:earth: eenprobe

Update: 10/4/2004
I want to mention a few things quickly to clear up some confusion.

First off, there would be more than 1 blog posting on the page. I just decided to condense the preview to 1 post to keep the filesize down and to make the image a little smaller. There are also a lot more things in the sidebar normally as well.

Secondly, the 3 buttons in the header with the T's are for font size. The idea is that clicking any of these would automatically change the stylesheet's font size, increasing or decreasing it to your liking.
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mattdanna Oct 8, 2004  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I love that design Pat.
Nice job.
it is beautiful!
:thumbsup: like the new changes.
I definately favor this one over any of the others that I have stumbled across. I think that you have the whole atmosphere just, well .. down, so to speak for $jark. I mean, this is something that you'd dream that Scott has as a blog. (Not that I dream about those things though :slow:.)


Excellent work.

One thing that I sort of toy around with are the text-size buttons there. I've narrowed it down to two reasons why they look funk to me:

:pointr: There's not much variation in size between the "T"'s within them. I mean, there's no mistaking that there is a variation in size .. but I think some more contrast in size would of done it better, and
:pointr: All the "T"'s are within a box of the same size. Now, while I think this is good because it heightens the "T"'s within them, I think it would be more visually telling that, by clicking on it, it changes the text size.

I don't know though. Perhaps it's just me.

(I've seen sites that have the same type of text-enhancing features where it worked -- mabye it's the green hues and such that are throwing me off.)

Again: awesome!

splat Oct 7, 2004  Professional Interface Designer
:pointr: I mean, this is something that you'd dream that Scott has as a blog. (Not that I dream about those things though :slow: .)

Suuuuure you don't. :P

:pointr: There's not much variation in size between the "T"'s within them.

I agree, but in playing with the sizes I found that is was tough to make them any smaller than the smallest one and still be able to easily recognize it. I might play around with them again, but after about 20 minutes of trying out different font faced T's, I got a little tired of it.

:pointr: All the "T"'s are within a box of the same size. Now, while I think this is good because it heightens the "T"'s within them, I think it would be more visually telling that, by clicking on it, it changes the text size.

I see your point, and it was a consideration of mine, but I went with the same size boxes because I wanted to be able to add more of them for other CSS functions. For example, I was hoping at some point to add controls for alternate color stylesheets and also for text justification (justified or align left). Changing the size of the box would sort of throw off the continuity of the control boxes for those other things.

Also of note is the fact that the font size controls use alternate stylesheets, meaning that any modern browser can switch font sizes without those buttons (click the little style button in Firefox's status bar and you'll see what I mean). This means that non-Javascript users (I don't know why there are still any of them around) can still switch the font sizes if they're using a decent browser.
Very nicely done... :clap:
attila Oct 7, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer
Probably the best and most unique layout submitted. Too bad it was a little late, this would have been the perfect layout for I commented a lot more on the other two because I gave them some thoughts I had on how to improve them, this layout on the other hand is so perfect in my mind that I wouldn't change a thing.

If someone wanted to create a blog, an original design like this is one that would make it recognized. Great job * splat, I may call upon you at some time to do a design for my start-up. Not for free of course, this talent doesn't come cheap, I understand. :)
mick-mick Oct 5, 2004  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Sleek, clean, effective.
I like the tabs. I like the color scheme and layout.
I can envision a working version of this already. Though I know my vision will pale in comparison to what you are working on.
It's the little things that make this for me. The tiny probes in places work well.
Looking good so far. :aww:
webPHIX Oct 5, 2004   Interface Designer
the only thing i would change is the title area. the green[alien]probe and graphic just doesn't seem to work.
levinet Oct 5, 2004   Interface Designer
Very nice, gives mine one helluva run for it's money :wow: The colours are great.. awesome work as always.
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